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Sanitation best method for reducing mosquitoes Posted on 09 May 2018 in the Tips and Tricks categories.

Having one’s yard sprayed will help reduce both larval and adult population levels. Read more»

Termites quickly sense environmental disturbance Posted on 19 Jul 2017 in the Termites & Tips and Tricks categories.

Termites are able to detect the smallest amount of disturbance in their environment. In fact, it is not uncommon to place a log on the ground in a wooded area... Read more»

Snap traps: Ensure rodents chew kick plate Posted on 25 Jan 2017 in the Rodents & Tips and Tricks categories.

A little trick when using snap traps is to get the rodent species to chew the kick plate by rubbing the oil or foodstuff ever-so-lightly on the kick plate. I... Read more»

Tweak baiting techniques to match ant colony’s needs Posted on 14 Dec 2016 in the Ants & Tips and Tricks categories.

All major urban pest ant species are generalists when it comes to resources. They all need carbohydrates, protein and fat. These macronutrients take priority at different times of the year,... Read more»

Tips & Tricks: How to manage raccoons Posted on 05 Oct 2016 in the Tips and Tricks & Wildlife categories.

Raccoons are a common wildlife nuisance. They harbor in culverts and drainage ditches before entering buildings, attics and chimneys, often through gaps in extended windowpanes. Female raccoons may breach attic... Read more»

Tips & Tricks: How to properly price bed bug services Posted on 20 Jul 2016 in the Bed Bugs & Tips and Tricks categories.

One common mistake many pest management professionals (PMPs) make is not properly pricing bed bug services. Procedures tend to be similar between single- and multi-family housing. However, pricing for multi-family... Read more»

Tips & Tricks: Bring these tools on termite inspections Posted on 18 May 2016 in the Termites & Tips and Tricks categories.

As technology has evolved, so have the tools available for termite inspections — to even include X-ray devices. Although that particular device is not mandatory to conduct a proper inspection,... Read more»

Tips & Tricks: Combat Fleas, Flies and Ticks Posted on 08 Mar 2016 in the 1215 & Fleas & Ticks & Flies & Tips and Tricks categories.

For fleas, concentrate on areas where pets most often rest. Spot treat those areas with a residual insecticide. Flies are associated with sanitation. Clean surrounding conducive conditions. Flies can also... Read more»

Tips & Tricks: IPM Approach to Cockroaches Posted on 19 Feb 2016 in the 1015 & Cockroaches & Tips and Tricks categories.

An integrated pest management (IPM) approach is the most effective method to control cockroaches. Chemical use should not be assumed as a successful standalone method, particularly in severe infestations. Sanitation... Read more»

Tips & Tricks: How to Use Dog Food to Eliminate Rats Posted on 07 Jan 2016 in the Mice & Rats & Tips and Tricks categories.

Rodent behavior differs among species. Mice are inquisitive and prone to explore and investigate with impunity. Rats, however, are very cautious of new surroundings, which means it’s more difficult to... Read more»

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