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How to control cluster flies in winter Posted on 31 Jan 2018 in the featured & Technical categories.

Usually, exclusion is the best solution, but should be performed in the early autumn, before flies arrive. Read more»

2-step solution for removing lone birds from buildings Posted on 27 Dec 2017 in the Birds & featured categories.

Luckily, there’s a simple, two-step solution that works in almost every situation. Read more»

PMPs: Teach the value of rodent service Posted on 29 Nov 2017 in the featured & Technical categories.

A survey found that 37 percent of homeowners have seen a rodent in their home during the past year. Read more»

Use available data to forecast pest populations Posted on 15 Sep 2017 in the featured & Technical categories.

One of the hallmarks of the structural pest management industry is its willingness to incorporate science-based conclusions into decisions regarding treatment protocols and business models. This is illustrated in the... Read more»

The secret to perimeter pest management Posted on 29 Aug 2017 in the featured categories.

The secret to perimeter pest management is tri-circumambulation (from Latin tres three + circum around + ambulaˉtus to walk). It means “to walk around three times.” It’s not a new... Read more»

2 tips for pollinator protection around perimeters Posted on 19 Jul 2017 in the featured & Technical categories.

Perimeter treatments are a staple of summertime pest management services. No matter what part of the country you are working in, there is a constant pressure from perimeter pests like... Read more»

Spring cleaning: How to minimize springtail occurrence for clients Posted on 18 May 2017 in the featured & Technical categories.

As the days get longer and outdoor temperatures begin to increase, homeowners start feeling the desire to head outside and clean up their back yards. Pest management professionals (PMPs) can... Read more»

Multiple termite inspection documents tell the whole story Posted on 25 Apr 2017 in the Business & featured & Termites categories.

Not only can termite callbacks be costly for a pest management company’s bottom line, they can negatively affect relationships with clients. Identifying factors that can influence the likelihood of a... Read more»

Interior carpenter ant nests aren’t always in wood Posted on 22 Mar 2017 in the Ants & Carpenter Ants & featured categories.

Carpenter ants (Camponotus spp.) are important pests. In some regions, they are the primary wood-destroying insect (WDI) encountered by pest management professionals (PMPs). The textbook signs of an infestation include... Read more»

What to do when overwintering pests emerge Posted on 17 Feb 2017 in the Beetles & featured & Invasive/Occasional Species & Stored Product Pests categories.

Overwintering pests, like the multicolored Asian lady beetle (Harmonia axyridis) pictured above, can be problematic from autumn through spring. In the fall, clients react when hundreds, or even thousands of... Read more»