Bird Barrier America: Birds


January 17, 2014

Solar panels on commercial and residential roofs throughout the country are proliferating. These arrays provide perfect harborage for birds, and homeowners are desperate to solve the problem. Cleaning the surface of solar panels requires an appropriate solution, along with a water-fed brush. That’s the easy part. Cleaning under the panels can be difficult because they’re often mounted just a few inches from the roof’s surface. The key is to prevent birds from getting under the panels in the first place.

The number of solar panels will determine the solution you provide your customer. Large solar arrays on commercial buildings can benefit from netting off the entire roof at a height that will allow maintenance crews to service the panels. For smaller installations, closing off the area between the solar panel and the roof is the best option. Using a solar mesh kit with special clips can save time and money. This will minimize cleanup costs and protect the wiring and equipment from deterioration often caused by bird droppings.

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