Scorpion manicures: A beauty trend to die for


April 5, 2016

A woman in Mexico took her love of scorpions to new heights when she had the idea of integrating them into nail art, and it’s caught the Internet by storm.

The scorpion manicure trend originated in Durango, Mexico, according to Vivala, which produces lifestyle content for Latinas. Scorpion artisan Lupita Garcia came to nail salon owner Rocío Vidales with her idea of incorporating the deadly creatures into manicures, and the two began collaborating.

First gaining popularity last October, a tiny scorpion — previously killed with a non-disclosed “bug spray” — is placed on the nail, then topped with an acrylic coat to secure it.

“The scorpions remain venomous after they have died,” Julio Cesar Ramirez, M.D., told MailOnline, news from the Daily Mail. Effects of a scorpion sting can range from mild, such as swelling, to severe such as an elevated heart rate, or worse, death.

The video to the left from Azteca Noticias (Aztec News) features Garcia and Vidales, and also shows scorpion manicurists in action.

Vidales told MailOnline women from across North America are traveling to Durango to have their nails done at the salon.

“Most people think scorpions are to be feared, but I think they are animals of real beauty,” Garcia says. “I’m always innovating new ways to make art out of scorpions, and this manicure has been my biggest hit.”


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