Rentokil sees high increase in flea calls in UK


May 11, 2017

Photos: ©

Photos: ©

Rentokil saw an 87 percent increase in flea calls between February and March in the U.K., according to the Sun Online.

Experts say the increase is due to a mild winter, which provided a longer period of ideal conditions to lay eggs, and for the insects to hatch.

“Fleas found on the host typically only represent just 5 percent of the total flea population nearby,” David Cross, head of technical training academy at Rentokil Pest Control in the U.K., told the website. “The other 95 percent will be in bedding, carpets and furniture.”

Also, weathercasters are predicting a hot and humid summer in the U.K., an ideal environment for flea larvae to thrive, says Natalie Bungy, a field officer from the British Pest Control Association.


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