5 considerations about logoed gloves


December 18, 2017

Editor’s Note: As a pest management professional, you might think that if you have your work gloves at the ready for use, and if they fit and aren’t worn or torn, you’re good to go. Au contraire — at least, according to the folks at Promotional Gloves, who prepared this primer about using gloves that custom-imprint your company logo and information. Read on, to see whether your employees should add a logoed pair of work gloves on their lists for Santa:

  1. Why are gloves needed in the first place? Are the gloves for customers? Selling branded gloves can create revenue and advertising at the same time. Are they for employees? Gloves can be gifts or used as a reward and double as advertising when employees wear them out in public. Choosing a quality glove will ensure long-term usage and repeated advertising exposure.
  2. What type of imprint should be used? The type of imprint on custom printed gloves should be based on the desired presentation that best reflects a company. The first step is to determine the glove material and style, since certain imprint methods don’t work on all materials. Multiple colors that involve a four-color process imprint make a bold statement, but this process can limit the type of glove due to the printing mechanism. Leather gloves are classy, but require branding instead of a stamped imprint.
  3. Consider the climate. The local weather conditions, whether it is mostly hot or typically cold year-round, will dictate the glove material.
  4. What sizes are needed? Many gloves are available as one-size-fits-all, while others come in specific sizes such as medium, large and extra large. Some specify male or female sizes as well. It is helpful to determine the target audience first before glove sizes are purchased.
  5. How many pairs are needed? Many times, the quantity is determined by budget and the quality of the glove desired. For example, gloves used as a promotional giveaway to customers would be a larger quantity and lower budget per item than gloves being given as gifts to employees or sold in a shop.


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