TermiTek: Detour


February 22, 2023



TermiTek’s innovative termite technologies include Detour, which elicits a training pheromone behavior for a wide variety of subterranean termite genera. The use of Detour reduces the risk of termite foraging between termite bait stations and damaging structures, the time to achieve positive hits, and colony control. It addresses wood-to-ground conditions like trees, stumps, fences, firewood piles and detached decks that serve as reservoirs for termite foraging. Detour is not a pesticide. It is permissible with all termite bait system labels and may even qualify for credits to reduce general liability premiums. Quarterly Detour applications can coincide with exterior general household pest (GHP) treatments, costing just pennies per linear foot but improving termite renewal retention by engaging customers in year-round termite protection. It can also create cross-selling opportunities for your GHP- or lawn care-only accounts.



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