BASF: Alpine Cockroach Gel Bait Rotation Reservoirs


December 8, 2023


Research has shown that when a single gel bait product is used exclusively for cockroach control, cockroach strains can demonstrate feeding aversions. Help prevent bait aversion from occurring in your accounts with Alpine Cockroach Gel Bait rotation 1 & rotation 2 reservoirs. This fast-acting duo, a part of BASF’s Complete Cockroach Solution (see below), helps pest management professionals “bait and switch” by providing bait matrices that are attractive to both gel-bait-averse and non-gel-bait-averse cockroaches. With the same non-repellent active ingredient, dinotefuran, used in the Alpine family brand of solutions from BASF, each formulation provides different food ingredients and begins killing cockroaches within minutes after exposure to the bait, giving you confidence in your choice of control. Dinotefuran holds reduced-risk status for public health use from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for both public health use and food-handling establishments.

About BASF’s Complete Cockroach Solution

BASF offers a free downloadable guide to help prevent or overcome the risk of cockroach resistance. Included in the informative guide is how to set up a focus zone at each account, so that the optimal control solution is used to tackle each problem spot immediately after a thorough inspection for harborage areas and food sources:

1. Divide the account into manageable focus zones.

2. Focus service efforts on the microhabitats where cockroaches are most likely to live within each zone.

3. Rotate the zones being focused on for each service visit.

4. Use sticky traps to monitor all zones for quick and easy inspection of areas not being serviced.

5. Use products and application techniques most suitable for each microhabitat.

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