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Photo: Clemson University - USDA Cooperative Extension Slide Series, Bugwood.org

Q&A: Black carpet beetles, centipedes and phorid flies

October 24, 2016 By
Q: A homeowner is finding about a dozen black carpet beetle adults (Attagenus unicolor) in her bathroom every day. There are no carpets or other wool products in the bathroom. What do you think is the source? How can I... Read more»
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Photo courtesy of, and copyrighted by, Gene White, pmimages@earthlink.net

Ask the Expert: Beetles, Cockroaches and Rats

December 21, 2015 By
Q: A homeowner just purchased new wall-to-wall carpeting, but she’s finding black carpet beetles (Attagenus unicolor) in the carpet, on the stairs and other places in the newly carpeted rooms. The carpeting is nylon, just like the old carpeting, but... Read more»
Photo: K.S. Matz

Ask the Expert: Black Carpet Beetles, Horse Barns and Maggot Management

November 3, 2015 By
Q: Recently, an older apartment building had new windows installed. One of the tenants has complained about black carpet beetles coming from the window. She says she sees them flying up and down the hall. I can deal with the... Read more»
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