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Dos and Don’ts: Indianmeal Moths

July 11, 2014 By and
■ Do the applied biology and eliminate the moths through integrated pest management (IPM). ■ Don’t let Indianmeal moth (IMM), Plodia interpunctella, contaminate stored food product. ■ Do observe lighting on or near the structure. Sodium vapor (yellow-colored) lighting has... Read more»

Dos and Don’ts: Pigeons

July 11, 2014 By
An essential part of eliminating pest pigeons is safety-centric, pre-environmental and postenvironmental cleanup of biological waste. Effective interventions result in satisfied customers and recurring revenue. ■ Do incorporate a requirement within any bird management program to periodically inspect for accumulated... Read more»

dos and don’t: Spiders

September 10, 2013 By
Although unpopular, most spiders are cryptic and inert to humans, and have chelicerae (mouthparts) too small or weak to puncture human skin. Usually, spiders won’t attempt to bite unless accidentally trapped or held. The jaws of the spider suborder Araneomorphae... Read more»
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dos & don’ts: Flies

August 10, 2013 By
“The house fly gut may provide a favorable environment for the evolution and emergence of pathogenic bacterial strains through acquisition of antibiotic resistance genes or virulence factors.” — Journal of Medical Entomology, 43 (2) 288-295 (2006) In one study, urban... Read more»
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Dos and Don’ts: Cockroaches

March 1, 2013 By
Cockroaches do expertly survive, changing minimally for 200 million years. If pest management professionals (PMPs) don’t expertly intervene, survival is certain. With more than 4,000 species globally, not all species of cockroaches are pestiferous. Species under the pest classification have... Read more»

Bed bug business dos and don’ts

March 1, 2013 By
Top seven bed bug business dos: 1. Perform a thorough inspection prior to quoting the customer. Having an accurate account of the infestation prior to treatment will make for a lasting solution. 2. Educate the customer. The more the customer... Read more»
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Dos and Don’ts: Opossums

February 1, 2013 By
Virginia opossums, Didelphis virginiana (meaning double-wombed), range from the West Coast to the Central and Eastern United States. Habitats are numerous, ranging from areas low in rainfall to moisture abundant, as well as open to densely wooded areas. Nocturnal, with... Read more»
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