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Doug Vangundy

Tips & Tricks: Integrated Approach Controls Spiders

September 10, 2015 By
As warmer weather approaches, property owners might start to notice an increase in spider activity in and around their residences. To control spiders, pest management professionals (PMPs) must use an integrated approach, while also educating customers about proper techniques to... Read more»
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Doug Vangundy

Tips & Tricks: 5 Ways to Identify, Control a Stinging Pest Infestation

June 4, 2015 By
Proactively control stinging insect infestations year-round with an integrated pest management (IPM) program that begins with a thorough inspection around the building’s exterior, looking for cracks, holes and crevices that might be entry points or a nest location. Stinging insects’... Read more»
Doug Vangundy

Tips & Tricks: Advise Customers How to Help Keep Cockroaches Out

January 1, 2015 By
Cockroaches are one of the most common insect pests. In addition to transmitting bacteria throughout the building and triggering allergies in humans, they’ve been linked to asthma development in children. Tips to share with customers that can help keep cockroaches... Read more»
Doug Vangundy

Tips & Tricks: Control Future Fire Ant Problems with Early Fall Treatments

October 21, 2014 By
Fire ants are typically 1 to 3mm in length, with a reddish head and thorax and a black abdomen, which attack anything that disturbs their mound. They’ll build their mounds as tall as 15 in. in open areas and under... Read more»

Tips and Tricks: Fleas and Ticks

March 1, 2013 By
Environmental Science, a Division of Bayer CropScience, LP By Joe Barile, Technical Services Support Pest management professionals (PMPs) have recently been reporting increases in service requests for flea and tick management. Although the treatment processes for both pests are individually... Read more»