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Ensign Wasps as Harbingers of Cockroaches

March 1, 2016 By
The telltale signs of a cockroach infestation—egg cases, frass, odor and the presence of cockroaches themselves—are not always the only available signals. In certain situations, there might be other hints (many of which are subtle) to steer you in the... Read more»
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Callback Cures: Ants

December 22, 2015 By
Everyone understands that correctly identifying a pest is the first step toward gaining control. But while morphological features such as the number of node segments, worker morphs, or antennal segments are key to ant ID, focusing on the big-picture categories... Read more»
Save time and money by correctly performing an inspection for drywood termites.

Callback Cures: Three Tips for Improved Drywood Inspections

October 29, 2015 By
Your ability to correctly perform an inspection for drywood termites (Cryptotermes and Incisitermes spp.) can save you time and a lot of money. However, termites are cryptic and structures aren’t see-through. This is especially true for drywood termite colonies that... Read more»
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Callback Cures: 3 Overlooked Fruit Fly Harborage Areas

August 20, 2015 By
Locating and correcting breeding sites are essential tasks for fruit fly management. You already know to address garbage storage areas, unclean kitchen and food-handling surfaces, drains and other fruit fly hot spots, but sometimes you encounter a restaurant, warehouse or... Read more»
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Callback Cures: Tips for Dealing With Bees, Wasps and Anxious Customers

May 8, 2015 By
Stinging insects can present many problems for pest management professionals (PMPs) and homeowners. For some, the mere presence of bees and wasps can trigger a homeowner to call, looking for answers. As you start getting ready for stinging pest season,... Read more»