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Tips & Tricks: The Benefits of IMM Mating Disruption

July 16, 2015 By
For male Indianmeal moths (IMM), the scent of a female is the ultimate aphrodisiac. To get male IMM in the mood, females need only to release sex pheromones. Males follow these chemical secretions and ultimately mate with the female, creating... Read more»
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Dr. Jason Meyers

Tips & Tricks: Commercial Kitchens with Cockroaches Require Focus-Zone Inspections

December 24, 2014 By
Commercial kitchens are complex environments that require thorough inspection to develop the best pest management plan for German cockroaches. Using a focus-zone inspection, for example, ensures technicians are inspecting deep harborage areas in addition to easily accessible areas. This suggested... Read more»
Dr. Jason Meyers

Tips & Tricks: Implement an Integrated Strategy for Successful Ant Control

December 1, 2014 By
Implement an integrated strategy for successful ant control: ■ During inspection, identify locations of ant activity, ant species, nest locations and conditions conducive for ant activity. ■ Treating the exterior of the home where ants can enter is crucial to... Read more»
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