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Photo: Putnam Construction Consulting

Flat roofs: An architect’s dream, a PMP’s nightmare

May 18, 2018 By
Flat roofs have become the “new normal” on many modern building designs, both residential and commercial. They’re becoming common for hospitals, hotels, restaurants, office buildings and warehouses. Although they look stylish and are less expensive to construct, they eventually leak.... Read more»
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Is there a fungus among us?

February 1, 2013 By
The little fungus gnat is an increasingly common nuisance fly. There are two primary families of gnat found in North America, the Sciaridae and Mycetophilidae. Within these two families, there have been nearly 137 species of Sciaridae and about 714... Read more»
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Pest Colloquial Names and Mistaken Identities

April 12, 2012 By
It is interesting how many customers have their own names for pests based on what their parents and friends called them. These colloquial pest names get passed down generation after generation. As a result, pest management professionals (PMPs) have to... Read more»