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Dr. Jamel Sandidge, BCE Research Entomologist, Rockwell Laboratories

Utilize different treatment methods for bed bug callbacks

April 5, 2019 By
It is well established by university research that bed bugs have developed multiple resistance mechanisms to certain chemical treatments. Some populations of bed bugs also have shown rapidly developing cross-resistance to other classes of pesticides. It is the responsibility of... Read more»
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Education boosts bed bug outcomes

September 15, 2018 By
Educating your customers about bed bugs and your processes can make be the biggest difference for a successful treatment. Read more»
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Making the case for traditional bed bug treatment

September 10, 2018 By
Eric Scherzinger advocates for using traditional treatment for bed bug management. Read more»
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Making the case for bed bug heat treatments

September 10, 2018 By
Kurt Scherzinger advocates for using heat treatment for bed bug management. Read more»

Customer preparation key to bed bug treatments

September 6, 2017 By
Customer preparation is one of the biggest challenges in bed bug treatments. It is crucial that customers know what prep work needs to be done before your arrival — and in our experience, explaining why aids in customer compliance. With... Read more»
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Bed bugs: 2 ways to apply liquid applications with heat treatments

August 30, 2017 By
There are two common approaches to using liquid applications in conjunction with heat treatments for bed bugs: Apply the concentrate prior to the heat treatment, so the product is readily available to be picked up when the bed bugs start... Read more»
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Q&A: Window damage from heat treatments, ‘hazardous material’ and mice

May 19, 2017 By
Email your questions about insect identification and pest management technologies and techniques to Dr. Doug Mampe at dentomol@aol.com. Your questions most likely will be printed and answered in one of Pest Management Professional’s upcoming Ask the Expert columns.   Q:... Read more»
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