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Web Exclusive: Top-rated tools for digital IDs

September 18, 2017 By
Just to delve more deeply into the topic of the Mobile PMP column I wrote in the September issue (p. 116), creating a digital pest ID program should include the following: A written guideline for image quality. It should include... Read more»

Treating for shutterbugs

September 11, 2017 By
In the August issue, you’ll find back-to-back columns devoted to digital photography. The Scherzinger brothers debate the merits and drawbacks of having technicians take photos at every account (spoiler alert: The benefits far outweigh the risks). And Rentokil’s Gene White... Read more»
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Web Exclusive: Which pest is most often misidentified?

June 12, 2017 By
The June issue’s Question of the Month (p. 14) features responses from Paul Hardy, Ray Johnson and Mark “Shep” Sheperdigian, but several other PMP contributors weighed in (and so did Shep, for a second time!): Dr. Jim Fredericks: The most... Read more»
Wegner: Formosan-Subterranean-Termite

WEB EXCLUSIVE: It’s Termite Time!

May 3, 2017 By
Using simple termite identification tools will prove helpful and make your job much easier. Make sure you have a good magnifying hand lens (or microscope), a light source and an easy to use identification key. There are a number of... Read more»
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