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What your industrial accounts should know about IPM

December 27, 2017 By
Editor’s Note: Pest management professionals (PMPs) know that integrated pest management (IPM) relies on a mix of common-sense practices. But sometimes it’s difficult to convey the concept to your commercial and industrial customers. What follows is Take Care Termite &... Read more»
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Ensystex: Sea Eagle

November 1, 2017 By
As part of the Vectothor line of fly control light traps, Sea Eagle is explosion-proof and IP68 hose proof, built to handle extreme industrial environments. Its two 18-watt lamps cover more than 1,600 sq. ft. It can be mounted to... Read more»
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IPM for Food Plants

IPM for Food Plants set for June

January 6, 2017 By
RK Pest Management invites all pest management professionals (PMPs) with a food-handling focus to the annual “IPM for Food Plants” seminar. The integrated pest management (IPM) training event will take place June 7-8, 2017, in Hershey, Pa. Speakers include PMP Columnist... Read more»
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McCloud logo

McCloud issues industry white paper on food-handling accounts

October 16, 2015 By
Because of ongoing foodborne illness outbreaks and concerns, South Elgin, Ill.-based McCloud Services is generating awareness on the importance of technical training for pest management professionals (PMPs) working in food processing facilities. Media stories such as the recent court case... Read more»
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AMVAC Chemical Corp.: NUVAN fogging line

May 12, 2015 By
Targeted for use in commercial applications, the latest products in the NUVAN line — NUVAN Fog 5%, NUVAN Fog 4EC and NUVAN Fog 2EC — offer professional applicators a range of convenience and economy. Featuring an active ingredient of dichlorvos... Read more»
Bullet Lure

Insects Limited: Multispecies Bullet Lure

January 7, 2015 By
The multispecies pheromone lure uses Bullet Lure technology with a slow-release membrane and color-coded acetate beads to produce a consistent pheromone release rate. Made in the USA and competitively priced, it lasts between 60 and 90 days to attract Indianmeal,... Read more»