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Tekko Pro FUSE Control Solutions Inc

Offering comprehensive pest control with combination chemistry

April 26, 2018 By
Control Solutions Inc. helps companies use products more efficiently because of the science and technology used to create their products. Find out how a pest management operation in Chicago has the confidence to treat any pest in the building because of CSI's combination chemistry.
Cockroach on sink in kitchen photo from istock.com/Kirby Hamilton

3 cockroach control tips PMPs should use

September 8, 2016 By
What’s a cockroach control tip you think should be adopted by more pest management professionals? Experts weigh in: “Look for fecal droppings in specific places, such as inside cabinets. Folks who have been traveling should have their suitcases and clothes... Read more»
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Tips & Tricks: Monitor cockroach population changes

March 23, 2016 By
Predicting cockroach population changes and movement can be critical during winter and early spring. Cockroaches are typically suppressed during colder months, so take advantage of this by continuing to monitor and treat with baits and insect growth regulators (IGRs). Here... Read more»