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Kness Mfg.: Big Snap-E Cover

January 21, 2020 By
The Big Snap-E Cover from Kness keeps traps and catches out of sight — and keeps children and pets away from rodents and traps. Read more»
Alan Huot, President, Wildlife Control Supplies

Evaluate exposures to prevent wildlife from entering homes

January 9, 2020 By
Most customers don’t realize exposures that exist in their homes for wildlife to get in, until they have an unwelcomed guest. Read more»
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When it isn’t bed bugs: Solving mysterious bites

October 24, 2019 By
Nathan Hall, BCE, quality and training specialist at Wil-Kil Pest Control, shares his experiences with responding to customer calls for mysterious bites. Read more»

Beware: Termiticide treatment zone disruptions

September 26, 2019 By
Flooding and other effects from significant storms can disrupt termiticide treatment zones. If the termiticide layer is disturbed, the treatment zone may not be effective and the termiticide may need to be reapplied. The key factor that determines whether a... Read more»
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For ants, focus more on nest, less on food

May 21, 2019 By
The most important step in nuisance ant control is not finding the food source. Instead, it’s crucial to locate and control the colony at its nesting site. Read more»
acrobat ants infestation PHOTO: ANGEL "SETO" SOTO

Ant control — can we get an ‘A-Men’?

May 15, 2019 By
A Cleveland, Ohio-based pest management professional shares his experience with an acrobat ants infestation. Read more»
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Wil-Kil shares benefits of bed bug detection dogs

May 8, 2019 By
Wil-Kil Pest Control experts have been partnering with certified scent detection canines for over 10 years to detect countless bed bug infestations. Read more»
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PMPs share common bed bug locations

May 2, 2019 By
We asked Pest Management Professional’s columnists and editorial board members to share some insights about common bed bug locations. We asked: Other than a bed, where do you most often find bed bugs when treating a residence? Here are some of their... Read more»
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Casey Prewitt, Neogen

3 areas to focus on for successful cockroach management

April 22, 2019 By
Considered to be one of the Top 5 revenue-generating pests in the industry, cockroaches bring many unique challenges to PMPs across the United States. From residential to commercial properties, restaurants to healthcare, and moist to dry climates, PMPs will encounter... Read more»
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Headshot: Mel Whitson, Senior Field Technical Service Manager, Zoëcon Professional Products

Hotel bed bug inspections

April 9, 2019 By
The busy travel season is here — bringing with it a greater risk for bed bugs in hotels. While this is the most common non-residential site for treating bed bugs, the focus tends to be on hotel rooms and beds.... Read more»