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Historian argues mosquitoes are more than mere pests

August 20, 2019 By
In his book The Mosquito: A Human History of Our Deadliest Predator, historian Timothy Winegard examines how mosquitoes have shaped human history. Read more»
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USF study finds link between WNV, light pollution

August 14, 2019 By
A recent study from the University of South Florida found that light pollution — the kind found in parking lots, for example — could be a factor in the transmission of West Nile virus (WNV). The study conducted by Meredith... Read more»
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August 7, 2019 By
The NUVAN product line is intended to offer professional applicators a range of convenience and economy, regardless of the situation. The product line — NUVAN Prostrips, NUVAN Prostrips+, NUVAN Directed Spray Aerosol, NUVAN Fog 5%, NUVAN Fog 4EC and NUVAN... Read more»

PPMA releases summer Vector Sectors list

August 1, 2019 By
The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA) released its new list of the top 10 U.S. cities at greater risk for increased pressure from vector pests. Read more»

Tips in time for the busy season

June 15, 2019 By
Now that temperatures outside are warming up, customers eager to spend more time in their backyards are keeping pest management professionals (PMPs) busy. From about April through October, PMPs have an important job to do: protect the public from the... Read more»
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Pests can cause seasonal allergies

April 22, 2019 By
Warn your customers this spring that some of biggest allergy offenders include pests such as bed bugs and dust mites, not weeds or pollen. Read more»

Mosquito control tips from the pros

April 5, 2019 By
Pest management professionals (PMPs) offer advice on mosquito management methods that have worked for them. For 15 more mosquito management tips from the pros, check out Pest Management Professional‘s 2019 Mosquito Management Supplement. Conduct an inspection before treatment Inspection is... Read more»
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Product Development Manager, AMVAC Environmental Products

Control flying insects with a multi-method program

March 3, 2019 By
Effectively controlling flying insects like flies, gnats, mosquitoes and moths is best accomplished by developing a program that includes physical, cultural and chemical control methods. Many products are available to control these pests in the various environments they inhabit. In... Read more»
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“The Future of Mosquito-Borne Illness” By Dr. Stan Cope

February 13, 2019 By
Dr. Stan Cope, AP&G’s VP of technical products and services, talks to attendees at the 2018 New York Pest Expo presented by Bug Off Pest Control Center. “The Future of Mosquito-Borne Illness: What is the Next Zika?” reviews the diseases... Read more»

Neighborhood dynamics influence mosquito risk

January 3, 2019 By
In a recent edition of Parasites & Vectors, researchers from the Millbrook, N.Y.-based Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies reports socioeconomic differences among neighborhoods can influence bite risk, with rats being a primary bloodmeal source in lower-income neighborhoods. Studying five row-home... Read more»
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