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Photo: Heather Gooch

Ride along to odorous house ant account

June 7, 2016 By
Odorous house ants are easy to encounter and hard to pin down. Getting to the source(s) takes patience and an integrated approach. “You’ve got ants, eh? No uncles?” In early May, I seized upon the opportunity to follow J.R. Walsh... Read more»
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PMP, Patton Pest Control respond to odorous house ant call

June 3, 2016 By
Pest Management Professional Editor Heather Gooch rides along with J.R. Walsh of Patton Pest Control to an odorous house ant account. Watch as Walsh gives tips for pest management professionals and the client. Read the full story. This web exclusive... Read more»
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Callback Cures: Use Extreme Weather to Your Advantage

June 25, 2015 By
If the weather has been less than ideal lately, you can bet some peridomestic ants (and other pests) will be searching for an environmental reprieve ­— inside your customers’ homes. During the summer, two sets of conditions have reliably led... Read more»
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Brian Mount

Tips & Tricks: Pay Attention to Where Odorous House Ant are Trailing

November 3, 2014 By
The odorous house ant (Tapinoma sessile, known as OHA) is a small black or brown species that smells like rotten coconut when crushed. Outside, OHA live in colonies in soil, mulch, turfgrass or in logs or flower beds but will... Read more»