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Discover the power of pre-baiting with SenesTech Control

June 1, 2020 By
[SPONSORED CONTENT] Watch a video about locating ideal rat foraging locations by pre-baiting with SenesTech Control before deploying ContraPest. Read more»

Moths & Misplaced Affection

April 19, 2016 By
A new method to curb moth populations involves some pheromone-based bait-and-switch trickery that confuses the male moth’s primal urge — the urge to mate. Last year scientists unveiled a new pheromone treatment which interferes with the sex lives of moths,... Read more»
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Headshot: ElRay Roper

Tips and Tricks: Control Fleas, Ticks by Breaking Reproduction Cycle

April 10, 2014 By
Fleas and ticks can be difficult to control with general pest control methods and can disrupt the health and well-being of customers. To control these pests when they’re most vulnerable, break their reproduction cycles by using an insect growth regulator... Read more»
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Most Wanted: Cockroaches

March 1, 2013 By
Guilty of criminal assaults on our nutrition and breathing, these habitual violators spread feces, regurgitation and body fragments, defiling our food and air. Other offenses committed by these infesters include a belligerent odor; the tendency to crawl indiscriminately from filth... Read more»
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