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5 questions with Pat Kelley

June 19, 2019 By
Pat Kelley, BCE, president of Insects Limited, explains how his company helps museums across the globe identify, treat for and prevent pests using IPM. Read more»
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Team up with customers for better ant control

May 5, 2019 By
One of the core principles of IPM is that we should always make sure the customer cooperates in any pest management program we initiate. This is especially important when it comes to ant control. As with most other pests, we... Read more»

Use glue board monitors for cockroach management

April 20, 2019 By
Monitoring remains an important step in cockroach management. It saves you time and money, while reducing your environmental impact. Glue boards provide an effective surveillance tool capable of painting a picture of the micro-environments in your account. Use information gleaned... Read more»
Dr. Chris Keefer, Technical Services Manager, Professional Pest Management, Syngenta

4 tips for using residual insecticides for bed bugs

April 12, 2019 By
Residual insecticides can be a critical component in an integrated pest management (IPM) bed bug program. Here are four tips to maximize their use: Conduct thorough inspections. Identify all current and potential harborage areas, and use monitoring devices to enhance... Read more»
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Educate customers on threat of birds

February 27, 2019 By
Successful nuisance bird control involves addressing the issue quickly; however, many customers seem to delay because they don’t see birds as a threat. Read more»

IPM for Food Plants 2019 set for June

February 1, 2019 By
From June 11-12, 2019, the 2019 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for Food Plants Seminar will once again take place at the Hershey Lodge, Hershey, Pa. It is intended for food safety and quality assurance managers, pest management professionals and other... Read more»
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Dr. Faith Oi: Education and research fuel the fire

January 14, 2019 By
Dr. Faith Oi guides entomology students, school faculty and pest management professionals on the reasons pest control is vital to public health. Read more»
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IPM for stinging insects

December 11, 2018 By
An important part of any integrated pest management (IPM) program is prevention. When it comes to stinging insect IPM for bees, ground bees and yellowjackets, a pre-emptive inspection for voids around the property is a must. The common behavior of... Read more»

Texas A&M’s IPM Experience House

December 7, 2018 By
In April 2017, the Dallas-based Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service unveiled the newly constructed Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Experience House, designed to be a working classroom where pest management professionals (PMPs) can gain experience in settings similar to where they... Read more»

USDA updates ‘IPM road map’

October 31, 2018 By
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced the first update since 2013 of the National Road Map for Integrated Pest Management (IPM). It can be downloaded as a PDF here. The update culminates a yearlong review by the Federal... Read more»
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