Colony hosts No-Shave November shave-off


December 9, 2016

Dec. 5 was the big shave-off — although in some cases, just a nicely groomed trim — for eight employees of Brooklyn-based Colony Pest Management: Darrell Alston, Chris Gill, Carl Headley, Gil Ramos Pacheco, Ernie Rodriguez, Norman Root, Colony founder Ed Sheehan (as seen in on the Discovery Channel documentary by Morgan Spurlock, “RATS“), and his son and current Colony President Joseph Sheehan. The men grew their facial hair throughout the month of November for melanoma research awareness. It’s the second year Sheehan has organized the lighthearted event.

“Thank you to all the staff at John Allan’s Premier Men’s Grooming Club” of New York City, who did the official shave-off, Sheehan says. “I would also like to thank Tom Algeo, from Residex (our pest control products distributor) who pledged $250 for this great cause. All totaled, we raised $1,050 that we are donating to the Melanoma Research Foundation.”

Before the Big Shave

Colony 2016 Before

From left are Normie Root, Ed and Joseph Sheehan, Ernie Rodriguez and Gil Ramos Pacheco. (Too camera-shy were Darrell Alston, Chris Gill and Carl Headley.) Photo: Colony Pest Management

After the Big Shave

Colony Pest 2016 After

From left are Ernie Rodriguez, Normie Root, Ed and Joseph Sheehan, Gil Ramos Pacheco and Chris Gill. (Darrell Alston and Carl Headley were still too camera-shy.) Photo: Colony Pest Management


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