FMC: Endius Cockroach Gel Bait


June 25, 2024



Combating cockroaches can be a challenge, especially because they tend to prefer spaces in proximity to people and food-handling establishments. The latest FMC innovation, Endius Cockroach Gel Bait, was developed for use in human-centric environments to deliver effective cockroach control without impacting health or property. This trademarked bait was engineered to complement existing food-handling pest control solutions so that pest management professionals (PMPs) have another option for multiple cockroach species control. It incorporates seamlessly and offers several key features.

Endius includes an exclusive bait matrix made from an exclusive mix of carbohydrates, palatable proteins and sugars. This combination has been shown in product trials to consistently attract four times more cockroaches than other products, the company says, ensuring the active ingredient, indoxacarb, can efficiently achieve control.

In addition to being effective and attractive to cockroaches, Endius is also built to offer user-friendly treatment for PMPs. The syringe is constructed with ultraviolet (UV)-resistant materials to ensure long-lasting potency, even in harsh environments and high temperatures. The bait itself sustains high and low temperatures as well, remaining stable and palatable in nearly any condition. Applications of Endius are also designed to be easy, efficient and mess-free, with its smooth viscosity to optimize placement as it comes out of the tube.

As with any FMC product, Endius offers the additional bonus of comprehensive support from the FMC team. This includes extensive resources such as training and technical support to ensure the best results on every application.

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Continued research and development has led FMC as it ventures into new markets; traditional herbicides, insecticides and fungicides are just the beginning. Future solutions include molecules with new modes of action, differentiated biological products, natural repellents, encapsulated formulations and precision applications for existing products.

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