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David Fleming

Sprayer system designed with techs in mind

July 10, 2019 By
David Fleming, owner of Pest Management Solutions, created a custom compressed air sprayer system to make the work easier for himself and his technicians. Read more»
Headshot: Mel Whitson, Senior Field Technical Service Manager, Zoëcon Professional Products

3 places to inspect for stinging insects this spring

April 27, 2019 By
The next time you’re treating for wasps, hornets or fire ants, inspect the following to ensure “spring doesn’t sting” your clients: Play equipment — Swing sets and treehouses can be an often-overlooked home to stinging insects. When overwintering paper wasps... Read more»
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Illustration: Leo Michael

Fiction: Crawley and the mysterious itch

April 5, 2018 By
Crawley McPherson is a fictional pest management service technician for Peace-of-Mind Pest Services. Read more»
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Ant management: Traditional insecticides play important role

January 17, 2018 By
The insecticide may be applied to the outside surfaces of labeled structures and into wall voids. Read more»
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Photo: Twitter.com/grollins4411

Fire ant colonies float in Hurricane Harvey floodwaters

September 5, 2017 By
In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, images of floating fire ant colonies from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston have gone viral on social media. Meanwhile, in Cuero, the river has brought my aunt all of the fire ants.... Read more»
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Photo: PBS

‘Zombie’ ants video: Phorid flies used to combat fire ants

November 3, 2016 By
The University of Texas at Austin invasive species research program is attempting to control invasive fire ant populations in Texas with South American phorid flies. PBS showcased this process in its “SuperNature – Wild Flyers” documentary this summer, made with... Read more»
Photo: Robledo Pest Control

Stinging insects: Summer’s top Instagram photos

August 23, 2016 By
Mosquitoes and bed bugs may dominate the public’s pest discussions, but at this time of year, stinging insects like bees, wasps and fire ants are also top of mind. Pest Management Professional (PMP) (@pmp_magazine) browsed its Instagram follower base and... Read more»
photo: Texas' fireant festival

Texas bites back with annual ‘pest fests’

April 8, 2016 By
Since the early 1980s, Texas has hosted two quirky annual festivals in spite of its most common pests: The Great Texas Mosquito Festival and FireAnt Festival. One tiny Texas town also established a festival commemorating its pesky wild hog population.   The Great Texas Mosquito Festival... Read more»
Photos: Dr. Sanford Porter, USDA-ARS

Fire Ants Create Living Raft to Survive Flooding

October 7, 2015 By
When threatened with eradication from flooding, this colony of fire ants banded together to make a dangerous swim to safety. But not metaphorically. No, these tenacious insects literally joined together to create a living raft, as seen in a video... Read more»
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Doug Vangundy

Tips & Tricks: Control Future Fire Ant Problems with Early Fall Treatments

October 21, 2014 By
Fire ants are typically 1 to 3mm in length, with a reddish head and thorax and a black abdomen, which attack anything that disturbs their mound. They’ll build their mounds as tall as 15 in. in open areas and under... Read more»