A winning season is in store for pest control companies


November 2, 2021

Illustration: Mike Right

Illustration: Mike Right

Pest management professionals (PMPs) have a positive outlook on the pest control industry, and why shouldn’t they?

Life slowly is beginning to return to normal after another year of COVID-19-related concerns, giving PMPs who stayed in the game since March 2020 a reason to cheer.

Revenue is on the rise, as customers continue to call on PMPs for much-needed pest control services, Pest Management Professional’s (PMP’s) 2022 State of the Industry survey responses show.

“As America continues to reopen, pest activity that has gone uncontrolled or has lacked attention will create additional opportunities for our industry,” says David Poplin, ACE, president of Legion Pest Management in Murrieta, Calif.


Revenue and profits will be on the upswing for Carlos Lugo, CEO of Resolve Pest Management in Bayville, N.J., who expects 2022 to be an exceptional year: “I believe business will be better than ever as we begin to move forward as PMPs, despite the pandemic.”

Although the pandemic has been a game changer for businesses in other industries due to a lack of customers and reliable workers, PMPs anticipate a winning season.

Business is good for Greg Holley, owner of Zone Pest Solutions in Buford, Ga., despite having to invest more on personal protective equipment (PPE). “We have many more customers working from home,” he says. “The extra income they have, now that they no longer have fuel and meal expenses, is good for our business.”


Gillen Pest Control Executive Vice President Gary Gillen says he is very optimistic about the future of the pest control industry in general, and his company in particular, because of the growth the company has experienced over the past two years. His company, which is based in Richmond, Texas, has grown approximately 20 percent each year, a trend that seems to be continuing.

“I was very surprised we grew as much as we did,” he adds. “We have grown every year for a decade, but never at this pace. I am grateful for our growth, and feel awful for those businesses that suffered.”


Perhaps a turnover is imminent. Economists forecast a “post-COVID boom,” The New York Times reported on June 3.

A growing economy and declining unemployment rate would be a win-win for all.

Pest pressure is keeping PMPs across the country very busy, and as a result, commercial and residential work will continue to build. The majority of PMPs who answered our survey this year reveal they have an extremely optimistic outlook on the pest control industry for the year ahead.

Among our findings: Budgets for materials and equipment will be higher than in 2021; employee and customer retention will be strong in 2022; and revenue will surpass last year’s earnings.

Our exclusive 2022 State of the Industry supplement, sponsored by Bell Laboratories, includes benchmarking data, infographics and analyses that highlight key pest management industry trends and projections.

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