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PMP recognizes Class of 2018 inductees Posted on 23 Oct 2018 in the featured & PMP Hall of Fame categories.

Pest Management Professional (PMP) celebrated the inductees to its Hall of Fame during a black tie dinner and induction ceremony held Oct. 22 in Orlando, Fla., the day before the National Pest... Read more»

Bed bug control calls for compassion Posted on 21 Oct 2018 in the Bed Bugs & featured categories.

A caring attitude may help boost your pest management revenue. Read more»

10 pro tips for tackling bed bugs Posted on 20 Oct 2018 in the Bed Bugs & featured categories.

1. Keep up with recent technology and advances in bed bug control — be it practical experience, equipment or chemicals — and educate the customer on bed bug biology. —... Read more»

Cockroach control advice from the pros Posted on 19 Oct 2018 in the Cockroaches & featured & Pest Talk categories.

What is one step that will put PMPs on the path to cockroach control? Read more»

How to curtail cockroach callbacks Posted on 17 Oct 2018 in the Cockroaches & featured & Pest Talk categories.

Cockroaches are not going to go away by themselves. Effective treatment depends on many factors; here’s how to gain control. Sometimes, cockroaches come back after treatment thought to be successful.... Read more»

How to persuade customers to avoid DIY pest control Posted on 17 Sep 2018 in the featured & Pest Talk & Technical categories.

Here's some advice on what to say to DIY-determined customers. Read more»

Education boosts bed bug outcomes Posted on 15 Sep 2018 in the Bed Bugs & featured categories.

Educating your customers about bed bugs and your processes can make be the biggest difference for a successful treatment. Read more»

Canines offer comfort, support Posted on 06 Sep 2018 in the featured & Human Interest categories.

Tri-State Canine Response Team uses certified, trained teams of dogs and their handlers to provide crisis response and emotional support. Read more»

Ballpark offers grain beetle giveaway Posted on 04 Sep 2018 in the Crawling the Web & featured categories.

Spend a day at the ballpark and if you’re lucky, you will experience memorable moments like back-to-back home runs and walk-off doubles. If you’re unlucky, you will bring home a... Read more»

Strategic planning leads to ant success Posted on 02 Sep 2018 in the Ants & featured categories.

Although more than 12,000 species of ants roam the earth, the National Pest Management Association reports pest management professionals (PMPs) battle carpenter ants most often. Pest Management Professional’s (PMP’s) exclusive... Read more»