Protecting upholstery from bed bugs


February 28, 2022

Andrea Hancock

Andrea Hancock

Bed bugs easily hide in upholstery. In fact, according to a University of Kentucky survey, bed bugs can be more prevalent in couches and chairs than in mattresses: 22.6 percent vs. 22.4 percent. They are second only to box springs (34.6 percent).

Applying a zippered furniture encasement during a bed bug treatment program not only saves your customer from the heavy replacement cost, but also provides a quick and thorough way to eliminate the spread of bed bugs. It also immediately provides a safe place for your customer.

Ensure the encasement is fully laminated and bite-proof to protect customers from any trapped bed bugs that are left behind. This will allow peace of mind for the total surface being used.

With upholstery furniture being the third-most popular hiding spot for bed bugs, and one of the most difficult items to treat, adapting quick and effective protocols to capture and kill these pests keeps everyone resting easy.


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