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Steps to keep wildlife pests out

January 16, 2020 By
When cold weather arrives, many critters make their way inside and can do a lot of damage. Here's some tips to keep pests out of your customer’s houses. Read more»
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How to bait wildlife traps correctly

January 14, 2020 By
For optimum results when using wildlife cage traps, you must bait your traps properly. Read more»
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Alan Huot, President, Wildlife Control Supplies

Evaluate exposures to prevent wildlife from entering homes

January 9, 2020 By
Most customers don’t realize exposures that exist in their homes for wildlife to get in, until they have an unwelcomed guest. Read more»

3 treatment tips to eliminate spider callbacks

November 5, 2019 By
No one wants to see spiders crawling around their homes. The next time you’re treating for spiders, eliminate callbacks by following these three “T’s” to ensure they aren’t making their way inside. Read more»
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Optimal conditions for termite behavior

September 28, 2019 By
For subterranean termites, the probability can be explained in a linear fashion: Y = x1 + x2 + x3 where Y= feeding and damage, x1 = wood decay, x2 = moisture content, and x3 = environmental conditions at the infestation... Read more»

Beware: Termiticide treatment zone disruptions

September 26, 2019 By
Flooding and other effects from significant storms can disrupt termiticide treatment zones. If the termiticide layer is disturbed, the treatment zone may not be effective and the termiticide may need to be reapplied. The key factor that determines whether a... Read more»

Foaming for termites

September 24, 2019 By
Foaming is a great technique that can enhance termite control services. Foam provides more thorough treatment coverage, and can position active ingredients in hard-to-reach areas such as dirt-filled porches and stoops, voids under slabs, slab penetrations, expansion joints, pipe chases,... Read more»
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7 steps for preconstruction liquid subterranean termite wood treatment

August 14, 2019 By
To ensure an even, consistent and successful preconstruction liquid subterranean termite wood treatment, follow these tips. Read more»

Termite infestations: Identification then management

August 7, 2019 By
Dr. Janis Reed, BCE shares details about identifying termite infestations correctly in order to make an effective management plan Read more»

Focus on IPM for fleas and ticks

July 29, 2019 By
Controlling disease vectors such as fleas and ticks can present unique challenges that require focused integrated pest management efforts. Read more»
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