Pest Posse TV announces December programming


December 2, 2022



The content The Pest Posse is offering for December will be reliving the four most-watched episodes of 2022.

The team is taking a break from creating content for December but will be back in January 2023 with new episodes.

“There were so many episodes reached over 3,000 views in 2022, and The Pest Posse would like to thank everyone for your support and for joining us on the new platform. We know that it has not been easy. We believe the change to Pest Posse TV has been positive and is becoming the best resource for trusted independent information for the pest control industry because in 2022, we had over 260,000 views with an 82% watch time of our video episodes and over 28,000 listens to the podcasts. This is amazing, and we look forward to releasing more great content in 2023,” according to the release.

Check out the most watched videos from The Pest Posse in 2022 as they are revisited this month:

  • Dec. 5: Recognizing Jasmine Almeter, with the most watched livestream for Pest Posse TV in 2022 and had 3,350 views.
  • Dec. 12: Learning about the three-line cockroach, with 3,871 views in 2022.
  • Dec. 13: Control of webbing clothes moths
  • Dec. 19: Atrix Ergo PMP backpack unboxing, with 3,873 views in 2022.
  • Dec. 26: Pest control marketing supplies, with 3,888 views in 2022.
  • Dec. 31: Today’s PMP*

Pest Posse TV is accessible on The Pest Posse website and features new weekly video content — tips, techniques, product reviews, training and pest control-related industry updates — to viewers who sign up for free.

The Pest Posse is based in Santa Clara, Calif., and provides a continuing online and in-person training solution, as well as consulting options, to PMPs.

Dec. 13 training class

In addition to this lineup, Ethan Estabrook, BCE, from Insects Limited will provide an express training course on the control of webbing clothes moths. Check out this free training that will be available on Dec. 13, 2022, as part of free Pest Posse TV membership.

Based in Westfield, Ind., and founded by Pest Management Professional Hall of Famer David Mueller (Class of 2019), Insects Limited is a leading pheromone technology company that researches, tests, develops, manufactures and distributes pheromones and trapping systems for insects in a global marketplace.

* “Today’s PMP” airs on Pest Posse TV on the last Saturday of every month. Created in partnership with PMP magazine, the series checks in with PMP Senior Editor Diane Sofranec on the latest developments in the pest control industry, and takes a sneak peek at what will be inside the latest issue.


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