Inside the Web: Go Figure. Spider Control Info On the Web!


October 6, 2006

By: Marty Whitford

It’s that time of year again — when folks see Old Man Winter just down the road and then seem to go crazy, creating enormous faux spider webs in their yards and giving away candy to little monsters.

Spiders are gifted, fascinating creatures, no doubt — and they’re as patient and persistent as they are diverse. They also happen to be major pests to American households and businesses alike.

Ironically, we can look to the Web for information on identifying and managing these arachnids: This 10-year-old Web site covers everything from Brown Recluse and Hobo spiders to Orb Web, Wolf, Black Widow and Daddy-Long-Legged spiders, to practically every arachnid inbetween.

In addition to housing key technical articles and news reports, the site virtually traps you by offering really cool links such as:

All this, photos and much more is just a few clicks away. For more about spiders and the webs they weave, check out this and other sites on the World Wide Web.

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