New Transport GHP Insecticide Available from FMC


January 1, 2008

Pest management professionals (PMPs) have a new tool to combat ants and a broad range of other household pests more effectively — Transport GHP insecticide. Transport GHP, from FMC Professional Solutions, is a uniquely formulated product that provides fact-acting, long-lasting control.

“Transport GHP sets an entirely new standard of expectations for general household pest insecticides,” says Karen Westcott, marketing manager at FMC Professional Solutions. “Transport GHP contains a highly powerful, new active ingredient formulation that delivers a level of control not seen before in structural pest protection.”

In a study conducted by Rudi Scheffrahn and John Warner at the University of Florida, Transport GHP showed faster, more long-lasting control of big-headed ants than Demand CS. In the study, big-headed ant mounds were treated with insecticide. Efficacy was measured 24 hours after treatment and again one week after treatment.

In addition to the speed and efficiency with which Transport GHP controls ants, the product also provides impressive transmission capabilities, meaning it is possible to achieve control of other ants within the colony with fewer product applications, compared to competitive products.

A study conducted by Laurel Hansen with Spokane Falls Community College in Spokane, Wash., compared the transfer capabilities of Transport GHP to those of a competitive product. Hansen exposed 50 live carpenter ants to a varying number of ants that were killed by exposure to pine board treated with Transport GHP. The various test groups of live carpenter ants were exposed to one, two, five or ten dead ants. Mortality of the test ants was measured at 10 and 24 hours after treatment.

Hansen concluded that if 10 percent of the colony is killed by Transport GHP and those ants remained within the colony, that the rest of the colony would die within 24 hours. Of the two insecticides tested, only Transport GHP achieved 100 percent mortality (through both direct and secondary exposure) within just 10 hours. The competitive product took five days to achieve the same level of mortality.

PMPs attest to the product’s efficacy. “The ant pressures we’ve had this year, mostly Argentines, were extremely difficult to control,” said Danny Nix with Arrow Exterminators. “We had tried using other brands (of insecticides) and you would get some control but not a lot. I put (Transport GHP) out there, went back a day later and I could not find the first ant trail anywhere, or anywhere else on the structure. It did exactly what it was supposed to, because my customer was happy the next day.”

In addition to ants, Transport GHP offers fast, long-lasting control of more than 30 of the most problematic pests. In one test, an application of Transport GHP provided 100 percent control of crickets, from one day after treatment to six months after treatment.

Another advantage Transport GHP offers is flexibility of use. The product label does not have a fixed number of treatment restrictions, so Transport GHP can fit any application schedule. Transport GHP is available in a wettable powder formulation and packaged in a pre-measured water-soluble bag for ease and convenience of use.

“This eliminates the need to measure or pour, which makes the product more convenient and lowers the potential of using too much or too little product,” explains Westcott.

“Transport GHP mixes very well in the tank and stays in suspension very well, which has historically been a problem with (other products),” said Walter O’Shea with O’Shea’s Pest Management. “For safety’s sake, any time I don’t have a liquid concentrate on my truck, I feel a little better.”

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