BASF Announces New Termidor SC & WG Termiticide/Insecticide Labels


March 19, 2008

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved a label amendment for Termidor SC termiticide/insecticide and Termidor WG termiticide/insecticide, a nonrepellent, undetectable product manufactured by BASF. The new Termidor labels allow for the usage of Termidor to treat additional perimeter pests; offer more flexible application options for PMPs using the product for pre-construction treatments; and further define applications made for the purpose of protecting structures from termite infestation.

“The expanded Termidor label is yet another example of the commitment BASF has to investment in the professional pest management industry,” said Paul Rea, director of the Specialty Products Division for BASF. “This new label flexibility provides additional opportunities for our Partners to profit with Termidor through expanded pre-construction and perimeter pest treatment options and additional guidance on preventative termite treatments, which we see as a critical growth opportunity for the entire marketplace.”

In addition to killing and providing residual control of ants (acrobat, Argentine, big-headed, carpenter, crazy, odorous, pavement, pharaoh, and thief), Termidor can now be used to treat for the following pests: Asian lady and darkling beetles; box-elder bugs, pillbugs; centipedes; cockroaches (Australian, Oriental, smokey brown); house crickets, European earwigs, cluster flies, millipedes; silverfish; spiders (black widow, brown recluse, cellar, hobo); brown dog ticks, paper wasps, and yellow jackets.

While the previous Termidor labels implicitly allowed for use in both preventative and curative termite treatments, the amended Termidor labels now clearly define the flexibility for both types of structural termite treatments. The label was amended to clearly define that post-construction treatments can be made for the purpose of protecting structures from termite infestation and/or for controlling existing termite populations.

Partners can also now apply Termidor as a vertical exterior perimeter pre-construction treatment when a borate-based termite control product is used as the primary pre-construction treatment for subterranean termites. All applications must be made in accordance with label directions-for-use and state requirements.

“EPA approval of this label amendment is just the first step in the process of implementing these changes within the industry at large,” said Robert Davis, market development specialist for BASF’s Professional Pest Control group. “BASF is in the process of submitting applications to each state’s regulatory board for state registration.”

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