BASF releases Termidor DRY Termiticide


November 16, 2010

Product is major advance in the treatment of drywood and subterranean termites

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — BASF Pest Control Solutions’ new Termidor DRY Termiticide can be used to treat drywood and subterranean termites, in virtually any wood, almost anywhere, with its patented Microllose-based formulation, the company says.

Termidor DRY is for use on gallery treatments inside structures and on new “off-structure” treatment sites, including trees, utility poles, fencing, decking, railroad trestles, piers, beams and other structural or landscape timbers.

For termites, Termidor DRY looks and tastes good. Microllose is the BASF purified microcrystalline cellulose matrix, an extremely appetizing (more so than wood itself) termite food source. Termidor DRY is practical and comes in small, prepackaged, ready-to-use vials, which generally treat two-to-three average-sized houses depending on termite infestation. Applied with precision directly to termite galleries in wood (or carton nests or shelter tubes) in or away from structures, Termidor DRY quickly kills termites and is transferred among termites via the Termidor “Transfer Effect™.”

“Pest Management Professionals can experience proven Termidor efficacy and reliability with Termidor DRY in locations Termidor® termiticide/insecticide has never been before,” said Ryan Weber, product manager for BASF. “The Termidor DRY formulation, applicator, method and uses are significant opportunities for the industry.”

The result is a powerful, fast, and convenient new way to treat drywood and subterranean termites, with major expansion potential for PMP’s termite business.

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