September 5, 2012

Screengrab: TheServicePro.netNow you can create custom-made documents in ServSuite for no additional cost! ServSuite has inserted some basic templates (state wood-destroying organism [WDO] forms, including for Louisiana, Oklahoma and Alabama) for clients to help them better understand how to create, add and edit their own Document Designer Formats. This is the perfect addition to the 20 hard-coded ServSuite forms. This allows the user to use the information stored within the ServSuite database and merge it with the document they have created. There are also templates of different text documents users can use within the document designer feature. This is especially useful for those who only need a generic type of document. With the addition of the document designer feature within the ServSuite pest control software solution, the user’s time is saved by eliminating the need to do any text editing outside of the ServSuite program. This saves businesses valuable time and money by only needing one program to do multiple jobs. ServSuite users will receive this feature at no additional cost, and will be included into their core program and unlimited support package.

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