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Bell introduces two soft baits at PestWorld

|  October 17, 2012

MADISON, WIS.—Debuting Oct. 17 at PestWorld 2012 in Boston, Bell Laboratories introduced its first soft bait to the pest control industry: FINAL Soft Bait with Lumitrack. In addition, it also debuted DETEX Soft Bait with Lumitrack, a non-toxic monitoring soft bait.

“We’re very excited about FINAL Soft Bait,” says Bell’s product manager, Kate Mella. “It’s a new rodenticide formulation containing a carefully balanced matrix of proteins and fats that delivers unrivaled results.” As for DETEX, she notes that it’s a highly palatable, non-toxic bait formulated with Lumitrack for monitoring and pre-baiting.”

Both products offer pest management professionals (PMPs) fast acceptance and sustained palatability, Mella says.

“Soft baits have typically demonstrated solid initial palatability, but long-term results were less impressive,” she says, noting that both FINAL and DETEX Soft Baits were “developed to achieve both fast acceptance and to hold a rodent’s interest. It works well for long-term applications, especially in situations where rodents are accustomed to fatty or oily diets.”

Once rodents eat FINAL Soft Bait, its single-feed active ingredient, brodifacoum, goes to work controlling even difficult-to-control mice, Mella says. And the Lumitrack in both products aids PMPs in identifying and tracking rodents by making rodent feces glow bright neon green under UV lighting.

Both products are formulated to hold up in extreme hot and cold temperatures. In cold climates, the bait won’t freeze or become brittle. When temperatures and humidity rise, FINAL Soft Bait is both mold- and heat-resistant. They also feature a hole in the center of each bait, allowing easy and consistent bait placement on bait securing rods, Mella says.FINAL Soft Bait, EPA Registration No. 12455-139, and DETEX Soft Bait will be available for shipment January 2013.

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