FMC’s Transport Mikron now labeled for bed bugs on mattresses, luggage


October 18, 2012

Photo: Transport Mikron insecticidePHILADELPHIA—Transport Mikron insecticide recently received supplemental labeling from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to control bed bugs on mattresses and inside empty luggage. The product may be applied where evidence of bed bugs occurs.

For infested mattresses, linens must be removed and washed before reuse. Transport Mikron should be applied to tufts, seams, folds and edges until moist. It should be allowed to dry before making the bed. For treatment of luggage, remove all clothes and other articles before application.

Transport Mikron may also be used on bed frames, box springs, dressers, clothes closets, carpet edges and wall hangings, as well as electrical switch plates, door frames, bookcases and window frames. When treating furniture, pay special attention to tufts, folds, seams and difficult-to-access areas.

“This supplemental label allows pest management professionals (PMPs) to apply Transport Mikron in most areas of a bedroom when there is evidence of bed bugs,” says Catherine Bernard, pest product manager, for FMC Professional Solutions.“With this supplemental label and the Food and Feed Handling Establishment supplemental label, PMPs can now use Transport Mikron for nearly all of their pest treatment needs. PMPs can mix a tank or sprayer with Mikron for multiple jobs and not worry about the formulation settling out.”

Introduced to the pest management professional industry in 2011, Transport Mikron is a clear, highly advanced, non-repellent liquid insecticide formulation.


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