CleanBrands LLC: Zip-N-Click


January 14, 2013

Patent-pending Zip-N-Click zipper closure technology is the latest advancement by CleanBrands in its line of CleanRest mattress, box-spring and pillow encasements. Zip-N-Click allows the technician to securely lock down the zipper pull as it seals off the encasement opening. Independently tested and verified, the Zip-N-Click is designed with advanced durable materials and is fully machine washable. The device gives an audible click when closed, telling the technician that it has been correctly installed. Property inspection is easy thanks to its transparent plastic cover: If you can see the green zipper pull through the window, you know with confidence that the encasement’s zipper is properly locked. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, technicians will find installation faster and can be performed while wearing gloves. Improving proper installation while reducing call backs, the Zip-N-Click feature is found on all CleanBrands encasements.

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