Rockwell Labs Ltd: InVict Xpress Granular Bait

By |  February 19, 2013

InVict Xpress was developed for professionals who need a granular bait with lightning-fast kill of a broad spectrum of insects, including ants, cockroaches, crickets, mole crickets, silverfish, firebrats and earwigs.  InVict Xpress’s highly attractive and proprietary bait matrix is irresistible to insects, the company says, and draws them in for the kill.  With the power of 0.5 percent imidacloprid and the irresistibility of this bait matrix, carnage will be rapid. In addition, new InVict Blitz Mega Colony Bait was specifically developed for the professional who wants to take the fight to mega-colony and persistent ants like Argentine, Caribbean & Rasberry Crazy and Big-Headed ants.  The InVict Blitz proprietary bait matrix is specifically designed to be irresistible to these and other ant species.  Combining the power of 0.5 percent imidacloprid with the irresistibility of this bait matrix delivers a sustained, heavy attack directly to the heart of the colony they’ll never see coming. InVict Xpress and InVict Blitz are approved for indoor, outdoor and turf use, and neither product requires personal protective equipment (PPE).

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