Conn. House passes bed bug bill


May 22, 2013

HARTFORD, CONN.—State Sen. Andres Ayala (D-Bridgeport) has led passage of a bill to help fight bed bug infestations. Senate Bill 952 establishes the responsibilities of landlords and tenants when confronted with bed bugs, and creates consequences should either fail to do their part in removing the infestation.

“Bed bugs can strike any property, regardless of location or quality, and make tenants feel under siege in their own home,” says Ayala. “This bill institutes a course of action that must take place so as to remove the bedbugs in a way that is fair to both landlords and tenants.”

If passed by the House of Representatives and signed into law, Senate Bill 952 will require landlords to pay for the inspection and treatment of a bed bug infestation by a qualified inspector within five days of receiving notice from a tenant that the unit may have bed bugs. For their part, tenants are responsible for notifying their landlord as soon as they suspect bed bugs have moved into their home. If tenants do not allow the landlord or inspector access to their home, or fail to comply with treatment instructions, they will be required to pay for any further steps needed to deal with the bed bugs.

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