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May 23, 2013


May 23, 2013

RALEIGH, N.C.—In-Quiz-It Software announces the release of version 6.1 of the U-Trap-It System with many new features, including:
● New pest activity analytical tools, as well as advanced trending graphing. New graphing features allow the user to overlay application, evidence, bait usage, or environmental deficiencies data on top of pest count and other graphs to show corrective efforts and also reasons for infestations.
● The System’s navigation has been simplified for the occasional user to easily perform tasks.
● For the handheld, fast data transfers are now available at any accessible Internet Wi-Fi Hotspot. This feature can completely eliminate any need for a cellular data plan.
• For desktop users, there is no need to login to the system to transfer from the handheld; just click a button on the new U-Trap-It Scanner Manager application.
● Users can now service existing accounts on the fly when they call without requiring the facility setup file.
● Users can now manage and organize service accounts by company branch.
● A new add-on creates detailed, professional Pest Risk Assessments.

In addition, In-Quiz-It has released Assessment Pro, which provides a quick and easy means for the inspector to identify the key pest risks at the site and create a Facility Pest Risk Assessment report. Common observations have ready-made paragraphs available for selection.

Simply select the applicable paragraph and it will be included in the report. If it’s not quite right for your situation, you can change it, add to it, or make your own custom paragraphs. Insert some pictures, a trend report or other pertinent information and in a few short minutes, the report can be printed or emailed right from the program. The report is not a “floor level” inspection, but a higher level overview and analysis of overall pest risks at a site.

Not only does the Facility Pest Risk Assessment serve as the basis of the facility’s Pest Prevention Program, it is designed to facilitate continuous improvement.

Assessment Pro also includes a tool to measure and analyze the site’s pest risks. This way you can show the progress being made to improve the program. It also includes standard language for trend analysis, gap analysis, needs analysis, quality audits, and recommended IPM program upgrades.


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