New York approves CIRKIL for bed bugs


May 29, 2013

VANCOUVER—Terramera’s CIRKIL Biopesticides, the only products that kill both bed bugs and their eggs as a residual, have received state registration for New York. The product is now registered for use throughout the United States.

“With registration in New York, CIRKIL products are now registered in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia,” ays Dave Buzzelli, Terramera’s vice president of sales. “As bed bugs continue to increase their presence across the United States, pest management professionals (PMPs) need effective products to combat these difficult pests. CIRKIL products create significant opportunities for the industry.”

According to the manufacturer, CIRKIL products are the only pesticide on the market  that are  both registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and that not only kill bed bugs, but also kill eggs and prevent egg hatch as a residual. CIRKIL products are effective against pyrethroid-resistant strains. They have a broad and flexible label, and can be used in nearly all indoor spaces and surfaces including mattresses and carpets. CIRKIL products have been used by PMPs in the US for nearly a year, starting in California in 2012.

“CIRKIL provides a solution to the bed bug problem that has stumped PMPs,” says Tim Guererro, general manager at Pro Pacific Pest Control in San Diego.  “We are now able to treat bed bug infestations with confidence. CIRKIL has proven over and over again that it will eliminate 100% of the bed bug population in a home quickly. Our customers are glad to hear it’s a botanical insecticide, and we are glad that we won’t need to make numerous retreats. The lasting residual effect is like nothing we’ve used before.”

In addition to bed bugs, CIRKIL products are also registered for use (except in California) on cellar spiders, smoky brown cockroaches, house crickets, firebrats, silverfish, moisture ants, Formica ravida field ants, pavement ants, bean aphids, pea aphids and green bottle flies, with additional pests additions to come.


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