Terramera partners with Hydrex to help community


June 18, 2013

VANCOUVER—Terramera has partnered with Hydrex Pest Control to provide pest control services for a nonprofit, transitional living center for the homeless, The Kingdom Center (TKC), Ventura, Calif.

“I was thrilled with the service and the results from the treatment in January. The response from everyone involved was just great. We were able to get rid of the bed bugs quickly and permanently from the treated unit and get our residents back into their home,” says Alex McCarty, TKC site manager.  “Thanks to the results, we now know have a integrated pest management (IPM) protocol n place that we can rely on.  When we had a bed bug incident in another one of our residential units, we turned to Terramera.”

The vision of TKC is to come together as a community to provide hope, resources and strength to those less fortunate, empowering them to become productive members of our community.  So, it was only fitting that in order to properly serve TKC, Terramera partnered with Hydrex Pest Control, which generously volunteered its resources.

Dave Watkins, general manager of Hydrex and long-time CIRKIL-user, says, “I am glad that we could help a pillar of our community.  I prefer that my technicians use CIRKIL because it actually delivers on the claims that it makes about its efficacy.  We have tried other products [for bed bugs], but nothing performs for my customers the way CIRKIL does.”


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