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July 10, 2013

Tiger Mosquito, Aedes albopictus

Tiger Mosquito

Should PMPs get involved in mosquito management? Yes, because there’s a need to protect properties where mosquitoes complete their life cycle. The West Nile Virus and new cases of malaria make mosquito bites potentially serious.

Some mosquitoes breed in tree holes; others in rubber tires, rain gutters or neglected swimming pools. You have to know the source of infestation and which species you’re dealing with before implementing any control program. Ask yourself:

  1. What government agency controls mosquitos in your area? Work with this team to coordinate your efforts.
  2. Are there any sanctuaries established in your territory? You might not be able to treat the way you want because of this.
  3. What can you promise to achieve? Eliminating every mosquito and guaranteeing no disease isn’t possible.
  4. Where can you get help if you need it? The National Pest Management Association, product distributors, the Centers for Disease & Control and local mosquito control agencies.
  5. What type of certification do you need? Become properly certified before you start working.

Program implementation tips include:

  1. Inspect for breeding areas. Have a printed form that lists some of the most vulnerable mosquito breeding areas. For residential accounts: gutters, sump pumps, bromeliad plants, swimming pools and ponds. For commercial accounts add roof-top air-handling pans to that list.
  2. Inspect for conditions needing correction. Ensure there’s proper drainage. Rain gutters should be clean, screens repaired and vegetation trimmed away from the building.
  3. Inspect for visible adult resting areas. These can include vegetation, overhangs, sheds, children’s outdoor play structures and the underside of raised decks.
  4. After correcting the aforementioned conditions, talk with your customers. Provide them with educational literature available from your extension service or product manufacturers.
  5. Lease, rent or sell adult mosquito trapping devices. Charge a monthly fee to maintain the unit during the mosquito season.
  6. Use pesticides to minimize mosquito breeding and prevent viable adults from resting in the area. pmp

You can reach Frishman, an industry consultant since 1967 and president of AMF Pest Management Services, at

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