Victor Multi-Kill Brand Blocks II to replace Multi-Kill



July 15, 2013


July 15, 2013

LITITZ, PA.—In early August, Woodstream will permanently replace the current Victor Multi-Kill Brand Blocks rodenticide with Victor Multi-Kill Brand Blocks II rodenticide, which has an expanded Rodenticide Risk Mitigation Decision (RMD)- compliant label.

New Multi-Kill Brand Block II has an expanded label that doubles the allowed distance bait may be used to control Norway rats, roof rats and house mice. Multi-Kill Brand Blocks II may be used in and within 100 ft. of a man-made structure. Fence and perimeter baiting beyond 100 ft. from a structure is prohibited, as is burrow baiting.

In addition, there is no urban / non-urban language on the Multi-Kill Brand Block II label, which will allow for expanded usage.

The product number for Multi-Kill Brand Block II will remain M2030; however, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Registration number will change to 36488-63. New updated labels and material safety data sheets (MSDSs) will be available at or your distributor. Also available will be updated service record cards.

Victor Multi-Kill Brand Blocks II contains the active ingredient difenacoum. It’s a single-feed, second-generation anticoagulant providing proven performance, reduced toxicity to non-targets and lower cost, the company says, noting that it kills rodents in three to five days and is an effective clean-out and maintenance product.


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