Service Pro hosts open house


September 11, 2013

After the open house, Service's guests enjoyed an evening game of professional baseball.

After the open house, Service Pro’s guests enjoyed an evening game of professional baseball.

COLUMBUS, OHIO—On Aug. 22, Service Pro opened its doors to clients just a year after moving in to its new and expanded corporate headquarters building. The open house was held as part of ServicePro’s 20-year anniversary celebration. Twenty-one participants from the pest control and lawn care industries were welcomed by the Service Pro staff at the Columbus, Ohio world headquarters.

Companies including Dow AgroSciences, Larue Pest Management, Massey Services, Midstate Termite & Pest Control Inc., Northwest Exterminating, Witt Pest Management and even our very own PMP magazine sent representatives to tour the new headquarters and main data center, meet staff and learn about the company’s new and soon-to-be launched offerings.

“We were impressed,” Randy Adcock of Midstate Termite and Pest Control said. “Our confidence in the complete system (software, development, support, storage, future developments, tablets, etc) has been bolstered.”

“It’s refreshing and dynamic to have a vendor that wants to involve you in their business just like they are involved in yours,” agreed Adam Witt of Witt Pest Management. “It was great to see where exactly our customer database is housed and the care and security that is in place to protect it.”

“We are proud to have been in business for 20 years and will continue our plans to grow for 20 more,” notes Andy Deering, COO of Service Pro. “We take pride in being family-owned and -operated. There is no other way to run a business, from our perspective.”


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