Bird Barrier America: Bird-Shock Quick Connectors


October 30, 2013

Designed for Bird-Shock Flex-Track, new Bird-Shock Quick Connectors are installed in just seconds, and are designed to be attractive and long-lasting. Made from durable, UV-stabilized plastic with positive locking tabs, they will not spontaneously open; neither will they deteriorate, even in the harshest environments. Instead of being forced to cut accurate 45-degree angles, tracks going into Bird Barrier’s new corner are simply end-cut and laid down into the part itself; the top is then snapped into place. Eliminating the need for a special angled cut is a big time saver. Metal conductive elements are also exposed on the top of the corner part; meaning birds that stand on the connector itself will still get a shock. The new Straight Connector features male tabs to connect to lead wire that connects to the power chargers. The Straight Connector can also be attached to the track at any other point where a connection is needed. Like the Bird-Shock track itself, the new connectors are guaranteed for five years. Straight Connectors are sold in 20-packs, while Corners are sold in 10-packs. For more information, watch the introductory video.

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