Control Solutions, Inc.: CapVantage


November 1, 2013

What really makes CapVantage, CSI’s Microencapsulation Technology, different? It’s the construction of the capsules: By constructing capsules with a matrix of thinner and thicker capsule walls, CapVantage technology allows for immediate disruption of some capsules for quick knockdown, while some capsules are made to diffuse active ingredients over a period of weeks providing a long-lasting residual. In addition, CapVantage results in more uniformly dispersed capsules than other products, the company says. This provides a more even dispersion of the active ingredients over the treatment area and reduces clogging of equipment. Other benefits include reduced odor and high efficacy on porous and non-porous surfaces.CSI products that feature CapVantage Technology include Cyzmic CS, Optimate CS, Permethrin CS and Pyrofos CS.

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