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Five free apps for your business

|  December 10, 2013

What’s the point of having a mobile device with no apps to make your day easier? I’ve compiled a short list of free apps that will help you work more efficiently. They’re designed for specific phones, so I’ve listed the appropriate phones for the apps (at least as of press time).

  1. Bump. This sharing app allows you to tap your phone against another user with the same app, and transfer the information you placed into the app transfer location. It permits you to load photos, emails, contact information and files to share with others. It also makes syncing with your computer simple. Compatibility: iPhone and Android
  2. Foursquare. This app will make you the hero of the day with it powerful location tips. No matter where you are, this app will help you find restaurants, entertainment and even determine whether there are coupons available to save you a few bucks. Compatibility: iPhone and Android
  3. QR Reader. Regardless of whether you understand the full functionality of QR (quick response) codes, this is a must-have app because it turns your device into a simplified reader instead of having to find and activate your internal QR code reader. QR codes hold tons of information about everything from store coupons to restaurant locations. The informational possibilities included within QR codes are endless, and should be embraced by users.

    A smart businessperson takes the time to search QR codes from competitors to see what they might be offering their clients. Compatibility: All phone types, depending on what app sites you visit

  4. Adobe Reader. Like it or not, Adobe has cornered the market on reading/manipulating of PDF files. The Adobe app allows you to view PDF documents, store them in the Cloud using, and make comments on them.
    It also permits you to sign PDF documents and fill in PDF forms, just like you would on your computer. This is an app no one can survive without. It helps save time before returning to the office. Compatibility: All phone types
  5. CardMunch. If you’re anything like me, you have 5,000 business cards stuffed in your top drawer at work. CardMunch permits you to scan those business cards quickly and add the content to your contact files. Because LinkedIn produces the app, it also permits you to send that information directly to your LinkedIn connections account. It’s a helpful app, but updates have reduced its functionality. Hopefully, it will be corrected soon. Compatibility: iPhone and Android

You can easily find thousands of business apps. Visit one of the recognized app sites, such as Apple’s App Store, and search “free business apps.” Check the app’s star rating, make sure you read reviews and make sure there are no hidden costs and update/upgrade fees that will handcuff you later. pmp

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